The words mobile home and mobile home park shall be defined as set out in the Zoning Regulations of the City of Douglass, Kansas. 

(Ord. 436, Code 1984; Code 2015)

(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain, establish, operate or permit to be maintained, established or operated any mobile home park within the corporate limits of the city without having secured a license therefor.

(b)   No mobile home parks shall be located within the fire limits of the city.

(Code 1984)

(a)   The annual license fee for each mobile home park shall be $5.00 for each mobile home space in the mobile home park payable on the first day of January of each year.

(b)   All license fees except temporary permit fees, shall be for the calendar year, shall not be prorated, and shall expire on December 31 of each year.

(c)   The cost of a temporary permit for each single mobile home as provided hereinbefore shall be $5.00.

(Ord. 660, Sec. 5; Code 2007)

(a)   Application for a mobile home park as provided and required in this article shall be filed at the office of the city clerk.

(b)   Applications shall be in writing signed by the applicant and shall contain the following:

(1)   The name and address of the applicant;

(2)   The location and legal description of the mobile home park;

(3)   A complete plan of the mobile home park in conformity with all of the requirements for such as contained in this article;

(4)   Plans and specifications of all buildings, improvements and other facilities such as electrical wiring, water service pipes, gas service pipes and sewer service, constructed or to be constructed within the mobile home park;

(5)   Such further information as may be requested by the building inspector to enable him or her to determine if the proposed mobile home park will comply with all the requirements of this article.

(c)   Applications for mobile parks must receive the recommendations of the planning commission approving the site, location, design and layout of the mobile home park. Upon receipt of the recommendation for such from the planning commission, the building inspector shall then investigate and inspect the application and the proposed plans and specifications. If the plans and specifications for the proposed mobile home park are in compliance with all provisions of this article, the zoning regulations for MH-1 Mobile Home Park Districts as set out in the Zoning Regulations, and all other applicable ordinances and statutes, the building inspector shall submit his or her recommendations of approval or disapproval to the governing body for final action. Upon approval by the governing body, such license shall be issued by the city clerk.

(d)   All applications for a temporary permit as herein required shall be approved by the building inspector. Upon compliance with the provisions of this article, the applicant shall be issued a temporary permit upon payment of the fee as hereinbefore provided.

(e)   Upon application in writing by a licensee for renewal of license and after reinspection by the building inspector or his or her authorized representative of the mobile home park for conformance with the regulations of this article and upon payment of the annual fee, a license shall be issued for another year.

(Code 1984; Code 2015)

The building inspector or his or her authorized personnel shall inspect all mobile home parks to determine if such park is in compliance with this article.  If, on inspection of any mobile home park, the building inspector or his or her authorized personnel finds that conditions or practices exist which are in violation of any provisions of this article or of any regulation adopted pursuant thereto, the building inspector shall give notice in writing to the person to whom the license was issued; and, unless such conditions or practices are corrected within a reasonable period of time, to be determined by the building inspector, he or she shall give notice in writing to the person to whom the license was issued that the license has been revoked.  Upon receipt of the notice of revocation, such person or person shall cease operation of such mobile home park. This provision shall also apply to those persons issued a temporary permit. 

(Code 1984)

(a)   The water supply shall be connected to the municipal water system and all plumbing shall be constructed and accordance with the city’s plumbing laws.

(b)   Individual water service connections shall be provided for direct use by mobile homes and shall be so constructed that they will not be damaged by the parking of such mobile homes, or as required by the building inspector.

(Code 1984)

(a)   All plumbing at the mobile home park shall comply with state and local plumbing laws and regulations.

(b)   Each mobile home space shall be provided with at least four inch sewer connection. The sewer connection shall be provided with suitable fittings so that a watertight connection can be made between the mobile home drain and the sewer connection: Such individual mobile home connection shall be so constructed that they can be closed when not linked to a mobile home and shall be trapped in sui::h a manner as to maintain them in an odor-free condition.

(c)   Sewer lines shall be constructed with the approval of the building inspector and in accordance with the plumbing code.

(Code 1984)

The storage, collection and disposal of refuse in a mobile home park shall be so managed as to create no health hazards, rodent harborage, insect-breeding areas, accident hazards or air pollution. All refuse shall be stored in fly tight, watertight, rodent proof containers, which shall be provided in sufficient number and capacity to prevent any refuse from overflowing. Satisfactory container racks or holders shall be provided, and shall be located not more than 100 feet from any mobile home space. 

(Code 1984)

Liquefied petroleum gas for cooking purposes shall not be used at individual mobile home spaces unless the containers are properly connected by copper or other suitable metallic tubing. Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders shall be securely fastened in place and adequately protected from the weather. No cylinder containing liquefied petroleum gas shall be located in a mobile home nor within five feet of a door thereof.

(Code 1984)

(a)   Each mobile home and mobile home park shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the fire prevention code, adopted by this code.

(b)   Fire extinguishers of a type approved by the building inspector shall be kept in service buildings and in all other locations as specified, and shall be maintained at all times in good operating condition.

(Code 1984)

(a)   All existing mobile home parks not meeting the requirements of this article, shall be declared nonconforming and shall not be permitted to add spaces or make any improvements inconsistent with the terms and conditions of this article.

(b)   All existing properties, lots, spaces or areas outside of licensed mobile home parks and previously approved for mobile home occupancy before the adoption of this article, shall be declared nonconforming and shall cease to harbor mobile homes after the existing mobile home is removed.

(c)   All mobile home parks which at the effective date hereof constitute nonconforming uses as defined, shall within a reasonable time from the effective date hereof, comply with the standards and requirements herein contained.

(Code 1984)

Any person whose application for a license has been denied or any person whose license has been revoked, may request and shall be granted a hearing of the matter before the governing body, upon filing an application for hearing before the governing body within three days following the day on which such notice was received or license denied and the governing body shall hold such hearing within 25 days after the filing of such application. The filing of such application for license shall not suspend any order of the building inspector in denying application for license but shall suspend any order of revocation of the license until the matter has been determined by the governing body. 

(Code 1984)