There is hereby adopted by the governing body of the city, for the purpose of prescribing regulations, governing conditions hazardous to life and property from fire or explosion, that certain code and standards known as the Uniform Fire Code, including all the Appendix chapters, and the Uniform Fire Code Standards, and the National Fire Codes of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1997 and amendments hereafter, Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1997 land amendments hereafter, published by the Western Fire Chiefs Association and the International Conference of Building Officials, being particularly the 1997 editions thereof and the whole thereof, save and except such portions as hereinafter deleted, modified or amended by Section 7-203 of this article two copies which Code and Standards have been and are now filed in the office of the clerk of the City of Douglass, Kansas, and the same are hereby adopted and incorporated as fully as if set out at length herein, and the provisions thereof shall be controlling within the limits of the city. 

(Ord. 687, Sec. 1; Code 2007)

The code hereby adopted shall be enforced by the chief of the fire department. 

(Code 1997)

(a)   Wherever the word municipality is used in the code hereby adopted, it shall be held to mean the City of Douglass.

(b)   All sections of the Uniform Fire Code relating to fireworks are hereby deleted in their entirety.

(Code 1997)

All fire apparatus and equipment is hereby given and granted the exclusive right-of-way over and through all streets, avenues, alleys, and public thoroughfares in the city while enroute to fires or in response to any alarm of fire, and no person or persons shall in any manner obstruct or hinder the apparatus as aforesaid. 

(Ord. 345, Sec. 9)

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to drive any automobile, truck, locomotive, railroad car or any other vehicle over any fire hose laid in any street, avenue, alley, bridge or vacant lot. This section shall not apply to any apparatus or vehicle belonging to the fire department.

(Ord. 345, Sec. 10)

No person shall place or cause to be placed upon or about any fire hydrant any rubbish, building material, fence or other obstruction of any character whatsoever, in any manner to obstruct hinder or delay the fire department in the performance of its duties in case of fire. Nor shall any person park or leave any automobile or other vehicle within 15 feet of any fire hydrant. 

(Ord. 345, Sec. 11)